Map of Gender-Neutral and Singe Stall Restrooms
The Google Map of buildings with gender-neutral and gendered single stall restrooms on campus can be found here.

Spreadsheet of Gender-Neutral and Single Stall Restrooms
This Google Sheet spreadsheet contains the list of gender-neutral and single stall restrooms listed in alphabetical order by building, along with whether the restroom is ADA accessible.

Gender-neutral and gendered single-stall restrooms are also listed on this page below.

The building name links to the building location on the UF campus map when such function is available.

Unisex, Family, or Gender-Neutral Restrooms

Anderson Hall (AND)
Ground floor, 025

Carleton Auditorium (CAR)
Ground floor, 0100C

Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI)
2nd floor atrium, 2163

Computer Sciences/Engineering (CSE)
4th floor, between E418 and E422

Counseling & Wellness Center (CWC)
2nd & 3rd floors

Dauer Hall (DAU)
4th floor, 434, 466

Entomology-Nematology Building (EYN)
1st floor, 1004
2nd floor, 2204
3rd floor, 3204

Fine Arts A (FAA)
Unisex, 1st floor, 108A

Fine Arts C (FAC)
Basement floor, B011C
1st floor, 0111B
2nd floor, 211
3rd floor, 0309B

Florida Gymnasium (FLG)
Ground floor, 28 (Exercise Center Laboratory)
2nd floor, 237, 263

Harn Museum Of Art (HARN)
Ground floor, G061
1st floor, 100B, 165

Heavener Hall (HVNR)
2nd floor, 224

Hough Hall (HGS)
1st floor, 131

Infirmary (INF)
Basement floor, B009
1st floor, 110, 139, 140
2nd floor, 205, 211, 223, 225, 238
3rd floor, 307

Institute Of Black Culture (IBC) (IBLC)
Ground floor

Institute of Hispanic-Latino Cultures (La Casita) (IHLC)
Ground floor

Larsen Hall (LAR)
1st floor, near elevator

Leigh Hall (LEI)
1st floor, 105A
2nd floor, 201A
3rd floor, 303A
4th floor, 408

Mcknight Brain Institute (MBI)
4th floor, L4-104, L4-105
5th floor, L5-183B

Music Building (MUB)
3rd floor, 327

Norman Hall – Education Library

Peabody Hall (PEA)
2nd floor, P206
3rd floor, in the hallway closest to the elevator and Criser hall

Phillips Center (PCPA)
1st floor, 111A

Psychology building (PSY)
Room 105

Pugh Hall (PUGH)
1st floor, 135

Smathers Library (SMA)
1st floor, 21A, South Tower past double doors near the men’s room
2nd floor, no room number, North Tower near 202A
3rd floor, 305A, North Tower

Stetson Medical Sciences (MSB)
2nd floor, M-223

UF Shands Cancer Hospital
1st floor, 1013
2nd floor, 2009, 2010
3rd floor, 3009, 3010
4th floor, 4010
5th floor, 5024, 5023
6th floor, 6024, 6023
7th floor, 7024, 7023
8th floor, 8010, 8023

UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital
1st floor, 1211
2nd floor, 2501, 2503
3rd floor, 3295, 3297
4th floor, 4172, 4295, 4297, 4501, 4503
5th floor, 5295, 5297, 5501, 5503
6th floor, 6282, 6284, 6501, 6503
7th floor, 7501, 7503
8th floor, 8419, 8420
9th floor, 9501, 9503
10th floor, 10505, 10430
11th floor, 11501, 11503

UF Health Shands Emergency Room
1st floor, 1101, 1103

University Auditorium (AUD)
Ground/1st floor, no room number

Ustler Hall (UST)
2nd floor, 208, 209
3rd floor, 306

Men’s or Women’s Single-Stall Restrooms

Communicore Building (COM)
Men’s: 1st floor, C-166

Entomology-Nematology Building (EYN)
1st floor, 1005
2nd floor, 2203
3rd floor, 3203
1st floor, 1006, 1007
2nd floor, 2201, 2202, 2321
3rd floor, 3201, 3202

Florida Gymnasium (FLG)
1st floor, 159
2nd floor, 292
1st floor, 161
2nd floor, 208

Health Professions, Nursing, Pharmacy (HPNP)
Ground floor, G342
1st floor, 1342
2nd floor, 2342
3rd floor, 3187
4th floor, 4187
5th floor, 5187

Infirmary (INF)
1st floor, 108
3rd floor, 305

Little Hall (LIT)
1st floor, 124A, 134A
2nd floor, 224A
3rd floor, 348A

Particle Science and Technology (PST)
Men’s: 2nd floor, 211

Pugh Hall (PUGH)
Men’s: 2nd floor, 209
Women’s: 2nd floor, 208

Rolfs Hall (ROL)
Men’s: 1st floor, 111

Stetson Medical Sciences (MSB)
1st floor, P-105
2nd floor, P-205
3rd floor, P-305
4th floor, P-405
5th floor, P-505
6th floor, P-605
3rd floor, M-325
1st floor, P-103
2nd floor, P-203
3rd floor, P-303
4th floor, P-403
5th floor, P-503
6th floor, P-603

UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital
1st floor, 1209
3rd floor, 3155
1st floor, 1207
3rd floor, 3151

Ustler Hall (UST)
Women’s: 1st floor, 106, 107