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The Trans Resource Network is a campus work group coordinated by the Office of LGBT Affairs and composed of representatives from departments all across the University of Florida (UF) designed to facilitate ongoing efforts to understand and respond to the unique needs of transgender, transsexual, and gender non-conforming (trans-identified) students.

Research has shown that the range of identities under the transgender umbrella is rapidly growing, that coming out is becoming easier in light of increased legal and institutional protection, and that college is a key period of gender identity and sexual orientation development.

Recognizing these trends, the Trans Resource Network aims to facilitate the transition process for those who desire it, but also aims to foster diversity within the trans community and ensure trans-inclusive policy, programming, education, and campus resources. 

The main goals of the Trans Resource Network are:

  • Increasing visibility of trans-specific and trans-relevant resources, forms, and educational materials by creating a central information hub accessible from the comfort of home.
  • Increasing access to campus resources by ensuring up-to-date information and helping identify departmental staff experienced in assisting trans-identified students.
  • Increasing trans inclusiveness by facilitating inter-departmental programming, issue identification, feedback / data gathering, and policy review.
  • Increasing trans-competency across campus by providing opportunities for continuing trans education and  by performing data-driven assessments of trans issues and concerns.
  • Facilitating gender exploration and development by putting students in touch with a network of professionals on and off campus trained and experienced in assisting both those who wish to transition and those who do not.

To find out what campus departments are part of the Trans Resource Network visit our directory of representatives.

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