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Building a Bully-free Building
This anti-bullying lesson plan helps students to engage in guided-fantasy activities to help them imagine a school without name-calling or bullying. Through creative methods such as drawing, students will create a group plan for their ideal bully-free school.

The lesson also serves to help students identify places in and around school where bullying and name-calling take place. This lesson is intended for K-5 children.

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Ready, Set, Respect!

Ready, Set, Respect! was developed to ensure that elementary children develop respectful attitudes and behaviors, so all children feel safe in school.

Ready – When are teachers and students ready to teach and learn about respect?
Set – Do classrooms set up and/or reinforce students’ learning?
Respect – What evidence will teachers have to demonstrate that their students are acquiring respectful behavior?

This toolkit provides three sets of thematically developed and grade-span specific (K-2 or 3-5) lessons.

Lessons covered: Name-calling, bullying and bias; family diversity; and gender roles and diversity.

All materials are property of GLSEN, NAESP & NAEYC.

Back-To-School Guide for Creating LGBT Inclusive Environments

This document includes tips on how to ensure classrooms and schools are inclusive spaces for children, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Included are links to materials such as Booklink, an online resource for LGBT inclusive books and videos; the Educators’ Guide, a guide to The Day of Silence; and much more.

All materials were compiled by GLSEN.

Safe Space Kit

The Safe Space Kit is designed to help educators create a safe space for LGBT students. This PDF includes the Guide to Being an Ally, a printable poster and printable stickers.

The Guide to Being an Ally includes four sections: Know the Issues, Support, Educate and Advocate. These sections serve to educate school staff about the experiences of LGBT students, giving them the resources to effectively develop strategies to promote change within schools.

 All materials are property of GLSEN.

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