Testing Trenton Tamara Cohen Resource Library - lgbtq

*Due to COVID protocol, we are not checking out items from the library at this time.

To check out materials from the Tamara Cohen LGBTQ+ Resource Library, individuals need to take the item(s) they would like to check out to one of our student ambassadors or LGBTQ+ Affairs staff member. An ambassador or LGBTQ+ Affairs staff member will be able to assist you and check out the items for you. Checkouts last for 2 weeks.

Individuals may also renew their loans once for an additional two weeks. To submit a request for renewal, please send an email to mcdalgbtq@ufsa.ufl.edu In the subject line, please use “Request for Renewal”, and include your name, title and call number of the item.

If there are no reservations on file for the item, it is possible to check out the item again. Individuals will need to come back into the LGBTQ+ Affairs office and speak with an ambassador or staff member to complete the form.

To place a reservation for an item, individuals may fill out a reservation form here.

Testing Trenton