Faculty Fellow 2017-2018 Dr. Manoucheka Celeste



Dr. Manoucheka Celeste is Assistant Professor at the University of Florida with a joint appointment at the Center for Gender, Sexualities, and Women’s Studies Research and the African American Studies Program. A proud Gator alum and UF Hall of Fame inductee (2003), she earned her B.S. in Journalism and M.A. in Mass Communication from the College of Journalism and Communication. She also holds a Ph.D. in Communication and Graduate Certificate in Feminist Studies from the University of Washington. 

She studies media, focusing on race, gender, class, sexuality, and nation, and processes of identity formation. She has published research on citizenship narratives surrounding immigration, tourism, and black women in media and popular culture. She is the author of the book Race, Gender, and Citizenship in the African Diaspora: Travelling Blackness.

"I am honored to serve as a fellow and excited about the opportunity to support our students and LGBTQ Affairs. I remain grateful for my time working in housing at UF as an RA and Graduate Hall Director where I began to learn what it means to be ally in my personal and professional life. This is an ongoing learning process for me. In the classroom, I work to help students understand the ways that our identities and experiences as racialized, gendered, sexualized and classed individuals are shaped by larger systems, systems that impact our everyday lives. As a teacher, researcher, and mentor, my goals are to make space for all of who we are, and to engage with the ways in which we are connected to each other; moving us away from the language of tolerance toward doing the work of eradicating systemic injustice and building communities."

Contact Information

For appointments: https://celesteuf.youcanbook.me