New to UF

Are you a new LGBT student or new to the LGBT community here at UF? New to UF is a discussion group for students new to the UF LGBT campus community and/or students who are new to or questioning their own identity. Coming soon: Fall 2016

Trans at UF

Trans at UF is a discussion and social group open to folks who identify as transgender, gender variant and/or genderqueer, and their intimate partners. Trans at UF will meet weekly on Thursdays 7 p.m. in the Rainbow Room.

For more information, please contact the Trans @ UF Facilitator, Eli Mender at:

QWEN – Queer Women Empowerment Network

QWEN is discussion group for lesbian/queer/bisexual/questioning women-identified people (trans-inclusive). The group will focus on issues of identity, women’s issues in the LGBTQ movement, facilitated readings, and anything else participants want to talk about!

QAPI – Queer Asian Pacific Islanders

Queer Asian Pacific Islanders seeks to carve a safe space for API LGBTQAAI+ identified individals. Through guided discussions and interactive socials, QAPI seeks to educate, empower and create a close-knit community among our members. Further, QAPI strives to educate the API community about LGBTQ issues and develop more allies for the queer community.

The Black Queer Collective (BQC)

A discussion group that serves as a social and cultural group for LGBTQ+ students who identify as Black and/or African-American. We assume the unique ability and burden of challenging hetero-normative, transphobic, and homophobic practices within the Black community, while also critiquing the neglect of the Black experience within our Queer community. By understanding the intersections of identity, we stand in solidarity against racism and homophobia.

HLXQ- Hispanic and Latinx Queers

A discussion group for Hispanic/Latinx identifying queer individuals who are seeking a safe space where they can discuss the intersectionalities of being Hispanic/Latinx and Queer along with issues surrounding these communities.

Meeting times for fall 2016 will be announced soon. Stay connected to our events calendar for more infomation.